“The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish onetears hers down” (Proverbs 14:1)

IPC, Gautam Nagar Church has its Sodari Samajam wing. The sisters of the Church actively participate in various programmes chalked out collectively for the spiritual upliftment of the believers, their growth in the Word of God and steadfastness in their faith in Christ.

Intercessory Prayer meetings are organized by the Sisters in groups and intercede with the Lord to secure healing of the ill, to ensure deliverance from the problems of the believers in their day to day lives. We also earnestly pray for our Nation and for the believers of the Delhi State Region. Every month, prayer meetings/programmes are conducted, in which Sisters are actively participated and found to be very encouraging, beneficial and blessing to the whole Church members. In addition to the Fasting Prayer Meetings and other programs arranged by the Church Sodari Samajam, every year, special meetings organized by the Delhi State Region Sodari Samajam are also attended by the Sisters from the Church as and when held.

We thankfully acknowledge the services rendered by the predecessors who held the position of President, Secretary and Treasurer of Sodari Samajam of the Church in the past and also the guidance and assistance from the Pastors of the Church, viz. Pastor M J Raju, Pastor K K Samkutty, Pastor K V Joseph, Pastor K J Samuel. We would also like to convey our sincere thanks to the present Pastor Binoy Jacob and Sister Saramma Binoy, the Church Council Members, PYPA Members, Sunday School Team and all the sisters and children for their support for conducting the Sodari Samajam programmes very smoothly.

We are thankful to the following Secretaries, Treasurer and Presidents for their valuable services.
Secretary, Sodari Samajam
IPC Shalom Gautam Nagar